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SailingPosted by LarsG Fri, July 02, 2010 21:15:16

Two days in Hollands canals was quite nice, but now we're heading for the North Sea again.

The night was spent in a very pretty and friendly city named Leeuwarden, see picture below. The canal was running through the entire city and you could tie up your boat almost anywhere - there were electricity and waterposts every 50 meters or close to. And the best of all - the cost for one night was incredibly 9.70 Euro - cheapest ever :)

This morning we left Leeuwarden for Dokkum and finally Lauwersoog at the damm.

It was a pieceful journey execpt for a couple of times when we hit the bottom of the canal - once it was mud and the next it was rock. Our draft is 1.80 meters and obviously the canal sometimes isn't that much. Anyway we got out of there without help!

Tomorrow morning we go into the lock and then out into the North Sea heading for Borkum. Then another two or three days and we'll be in Brunsbuettel and the Kiel canal where Calle will show up! Maybe I can report on the way or maybe not.

I'll let you know a s a p.

Until then

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