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SailingPosted by LarsG Mon, June 28, 2010 19:28:58

This has been a very relaxing day. We've been on the boat all day exept for a coffeebrake with the harbourmaster Jos, his wife Marianne and some members of the yachtclub. The temperature has been 28 - 30 degrees and Nisse rigged a bimini sunroof over the aft deck where we've been sitting reading all afternoon.

The morning was spent with the diesel tanks and we've discovered that the cranes was wrong marked - the front tank marking leading to the aft tank and vice versa. I also installed a outboard tank pump ( a squeeze pump) so that I could pump up fuel from the front tank to the cranes.

Yesterday when we went from Ijmuiden to Amsterdam / Durgerdam everything went quite well, five hours of engine and only a couple of risings of the rpm, no big issue.

I have reconed the charts for the passing of the inside of Holland including the canals and expect it to take approx. a week to reach Brunsbuttel in Germany where the Kiel canal starts. To avoid pressing the engine I've calculated short trips every day, about 20-25 nm. If we go more than that we would probably reach Germany a bit earlier - we'll see.

I'm a bit depressed for the HTC, but then again - life goes on without telephone. And Nisses still working. Maybe if I find a really cheap one I could spend a few Euros on it otherwise it must wait til we get home. Hopefully I will have oppurtunities to update the blog more often for those who take an interest in our wellfare ;)

Tomorrow we leave for the inshore route across the lakes and damms into the canal from Harlingen via Leeuwarden to the Lauwersmeer and into the North sea again.

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