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SailingPosted by LarsG Mon, June 28, 2010 10:44:19

Monday 100621

Left Gravelines in France for Blankenberge in Belgium at 08:30. 5 m/s NE and waves 0.5 m. After passing Ostsee harbour the engine stopped and I was drifting in the sea for about one hour before I had bled the engine and had it started again. Continued to Blankenberge and arrived at 19:30 - long day with headwind and current against me.

Tuesday 100622

Left Blankenberge at 09:30, way too early for the tide. Sunny warm weather, no wind, calm sea. Engine stopped after six hours so I hoisted the mainsail to reach shore. Anchored and bled the engine for an hour or two. Continued for one hour until engine stopped again. Anchored for the night, did not reach destination, Noordland, but could see it across the bay. At least / at last good weather!!

Wednesday 100623

Slept well and woke up with low batteries. Ran the generator for an hour and after that I could start the engine. Went across the bay and stayed in Noordland for the day and night. Dutch customs payed me a visit!

Thursday 100624

Left Noordland at 09:15 and headed for Den Haag. When the engine started playing I turned it off and sailed for six hours. Changed destination to Stellendam, ran the engine for the last hour, found a spot in the fishing harbour and slept like a baby.

Friday 100625

Left Stellendam for den Haag, arrived there at six, went shopping and met Nisse, Anders and Danielle (Nisses friends) at eight o'clock. We all had a pizza at the harbor (tasted wonderful) and fell asleep around midnight. It was really fun to see Nisse - I really longed for company and someone to share the burden...

Saturday 100626

Left den Haag for Ijmujden at 12:30. Strong headwind and current made us set sail and cruise up in long legs that didn't bring us much upwards. A trip of 25 nm took us all day and when the tide and current finally turned in our way we went by engine the last two, three hours and reached Ijmunden with a large unpersonal marina ,which I can not recommend, for the night. Dutch customs payed a second visit...

Sunday 100627

Left (seems like I start every day by leaving :) Ijmuiden for Amsterdam and Durgerdam where Danielles mother is treasurer in the yachtclub.. We are very well taken care of by them all, gifts all over the boat, charts, food, free marina fees for two nights - I hope I will find a way to return their generous and friendly hospitality!!! Unfortunately I had and unwanted bath when I tried to jump to the bridge at arrival and my new HTC phone also did, so now I'm unreachable for the time being :( However you can reach Nisse via SMS on 0706429099 if it's urgent. Otherwise you have my e-mail, lars@hangaren.eu We will stay here until tomorrow, when we intend to cruise the lake and channels inside the damms of Holland for a few days until we reach the north sea again.

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