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Saturday 100619

SailingPosted by LarsG Sun, June 20, 2010 10:19:35

07:30 I made an attempt to go, but had to turn back. I had a direct headwind,10 m/s and waves were huge. So now I’m back and I will be sitting here until the weather gets better.

The engine was hard to start, by the way, but when it was running it was good. No fuel starvation and I reved it up to 2500 and accidently full throttle for a few seconds, must have been 3500 at least :)

Maybe it isn’t so bad. It looks like a nice little town and two women helped me to tie her up (the boat) and I might see them later ;)

At least I’m on the mainland!

Later I met a couple of nice guys, Alain and Jean-Jacques, who guided and drew me to the marina further in where I’m supposed to be (I’ll get there around 4 o’clock) and then a short sightseeing through the town. It has an ancient history as a military defence and the fortress was founded in 1550. Look forward to take a closer look and pictures tomorrow.

The boat is a little bit low in the bow, but I can’t figure out why. I checked with an earlier picture that showed she was higher earlier – maybe she likes water so much she drinks it :)

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